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preto de Torre Colimena, Puglia (Italia)

A nice walk along the sea, lakes and the country side around Torre Colimena. During most the trip, you'll be able to see the tower.

The trip starts at the tower where you'll have the opportunity to log a geocache (see the waypoint). Outside the regular season, you should have no problems finding a parking place near the starting point.

From the tower, you'll walk along the shore and past a salt water(?) lake.

After the lake, you'll make a sharp right turn and you'll need to walk next to the main road for a little bit, so please be careful.

After a small bridge, you will walk again along the lake until you come to the ruins. From there you'll need to walk again along the main road. I've tried to map a route that avoids the main road, but was unable to find a good compromise.

After you follow the main road for a few hundred meters, you'll cross over into the olive trees. From here, it's quite easy and nice. You will need to pass the main road another 2 times, but will not need to walk along it.

After walking through the open fields and olive trees, you'll will eventually come to a point where you'll need to cross a wall (see waypoint). Please make sure to use the steps to cross the wall so not to destroy it.

After the wall, it's more open fields and you will cross the main road again (following it for about 20 meters). Now you are getting closer to the coast line, but not before getting through a swampy area. Here you'll need to navigate a little bit of road as the road is most likely flooded (see waypoint).

The last part of the trail follows the coast line back the tower. Just before getting back to town, you'll pass a perfectly circular lake on your right hand. It was looking very impressive on Google Earth, but found it a bit less impressive while standing at the edge of it.

I hope you'll enjoy this walk.

Wet Feet

If you want to keep your feet dry, you may need to find a small detour at this point as the road is likely to be flooded.

End Point

The end point of the hike

Start Point

The starting point of the hike

GC: Torre Colimena

Catch this geocache at the beginning or end of your hike, depending on when it's likely to be more quiet. It's an easy one to find and log.

Cross Wall

You'll need to cross the wall. At the indicated position, there are steps to cross the wall. Please use the steps to ensure the wall stays intact.

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  • Foto de Sierra1

    Sierra1 16-nov-2011

    It seems a very interesting and easy level. As soon as I get the chance I will try to follow the path. Thank you.

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