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preto de Gömbe, Antalya (Türkiye)

Akdag in Turkish language means White Mountain, and it was as such that I noted it while cycling away from the Kekova-Simena region on the Mediterranean. I immediately decided to reach it, which thing was accomplished by crossing the nice Karaova Beli, a pass of approx 1500 metres.
The present track combines cycling and walking. All the cycling is on unpaved roads.
From Gömbe I ascended to Uçarsu - Yesilgöl, a known place because of the combination of lake plus waterfall. Higher up the mountain becomes pretty much unexplored, and at Subaziyaylasi, which is by far the most lovely place inside the massif, you are definitely alone with some sheep and shepherds.
Here starts the climb to the highest summit, namely, Uyluk Tepe, a climb which I performed with no path, by mere trial and error, although a nice hidden valley allowed me a very direct ascent. For the descent I chose the gentle northern slopes, which led me to two consecutive shepherd settlements, which I named Camp 2500 and Camp 2400 respectively. They are reached by a branch of the dirt road, in no bad condition. This Is why, one back at Subaziyaylasi, I grabbed the bicycle and I went up again to the camps with it.
After a further night at the Uçarsu restaurant, I descended to Gömbe, by which my Akdag trip was supposed to finish. But I was attracted by the idea of reaching Girdev Gölü, a big depression which sometimes is a lake and sometimes a marsh.
At Girdev I pushed on northwards, reaching a pass on the watershed, right north or the Erendag. From there it was easy to reach the summit. I slept not far from the pass, under the stars, which allowed me to have the surprise to observe a partial lunar eclypse.
At this time I had run out of provisions, although I had been luckily helped by two Turkish mountaineers from Fethiye who had come up with their camper to observe the eclypse in the clear mountain sky. I cycled all the way back in direction Gömbe, but at a certain point I had the impulse to start a further exploration. So, I turned right in direction Yumru Dag and, after climbing the mountain, I headed down its northern slopes, covered by a superb cedar forest. I slept outside the mosque in the little village of Dereköy, waking up at four in order to be early at the port of Fethiye, where I wanted to take the hydrofoil to Rhodos.

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Starting of the unpaved road to Yesilgol.
I am also hosted here for the night, on some mattresses with a wonderful sight on the valley.
Below the Yumru Dag, not far from the restaurant.
The most known lake of the Akdag.
Very celebrated, also for its vicinity to Yesilgöl. Also a panoramic spot - otherwise, the waterfall in itself would not be so special.
The most enchanting spot of the Akdag.
Here I was also offered some food.
Here you enter a hidden valley, giving a rather direct access to Uyuluk Tepe. The main summit in not yet in sight.
At 3014 m it is the highest summit of the Akdag. Interesting discoveries in the summit book: this is an international destination!
In the vicinity there is also a little, marshy lake.
Last village on the way to Girdev. I found a wedding here.
Hosts some summer settlements.
Here I observed a partial lunar eclypse (16-08-2008)
A summit of 2677 metres.
Separated from a twin saddle by a little depression.
Very bulky summit dominating Subaziyaylasi much more than Uyluk Tepe.
Here one has an aerial view above Subaziyaylasi. Also Yesilgöl is well in sight.
I slept outside this lonely mosque. There was nobody around in the village.

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