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preto de Gandzak’ar, Tavush (አርሜኒያ)

The biking trail is located in Gandzakar village of Tavush province, as well as there are several biking trails in Teghut, Haghartsin villages and Ijevan sierra that can be used during the riding too.
This trail starts from the Gandzakar serpentine, which has 850 m altitude from the sea level, and comes up till the 1780 m altitude from the sea level. Then it went down by the solid ground passing through several villages of Tavush and the final destination is Berd town.

Monuments description
Berd is a town in Tavush province that is situated on the bench of Tavush river. The origin of the name comes from the fortress of the city that is constructed in the 10th century. It is surrounded by Tavush sierra. The “must visit” places are Vagavank and Khoranashat monasteries constructed in the 12th century, Cyclopean Fortress and the city-museum.
Also, it is suggested to visit Haghartsin monastery (in Haghartsin village), Goshavank monastery (in Gosh village), lakes Parz and Gosh (in national parks of Dilijan) on the riding way.

The half of the province is covered with forests. In some places can be seen fruitful trees of pomegranate, peach, apricot, olive, lemon etc and wild trees of beech, oak, horn-beam, lime, maple.

The province has rich fauna, in the forests can be seen deer, Caucasian bears, wild pig, rabbits, foxes, panther etc.

Safety and security
The mobile connections of Ucom and Viva Cell-MTS functions without interruptions. In case of emergency, call 911 or 112. Be aware of leashed-off dogs in the villages.

Trail technical parameters
Best period: May-October
Distance: 138 km from Yerevan
Duration: 2 hours 14 min
Biking trail length: 46.8 km
Ride duration: 5 hours
Altitude from the see level: 855-1861- 947 m
Take bottled water with you

How to reach to the trail
First of all, the bikers must reach to Gandzakar village by car, then start riding. Please, use taxi service with taximeters.

End of the trail


Highest point of the trail


MTB starting trail


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