14,85 km

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716 m

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25 m

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1.239 m



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548 m

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  • Foto de Exit to Zemlyankata (Отбивката за Землянката)
  • Foto de Exit to Zemlyankata (Отбивката за Землянката)
  • Foto de Zemlyankata (Землянката)


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27 de mayo de 2015

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mayo 2015
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1.239 m
548 m
14,85 km

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preto de Lopyan, Софийска област (България)

A nice and easy shady trail that goes along small rivers, winds through the shade of forests, and ends up in an old underground shelter called Zemlyankata, which can still be used to spend the night, or hide from the weather. If you plan to spend the night there, make sure to bring light, something to sleep on, and warm clothes, as it is nothing more than an underground room with elevated part, suitable for sleeping.

The trail itself is wide, and features all kind of terrain (stones, dirt, even some asphalt, and can get muddy at some places when rainy). It is also ok for offroad cars and motor bikes.

Upto here you could also reach with a regular car from various places.

Дотук може да се стигне с кола по асфалтов път и от Етрополска Рибарица.

Dogs (Кучета!)

There's a house near the trail, and there are a few dogs, that might start chasing you. Don't be afraid, and don't get aggressive, just try to talk them down. One of the dogs is a brave Bulgarian Shepard Dog that we could not scare away. Gladly it did not attack us when it reached us, only went on barking.

Bridge (Мост)

A small bridge that crosses the river. Left this note just for reference.

Exit to Zemlyankata (Отбивката за Землянката)

There is also an arrow sign on a small tree, but it could be hidden by the branches.
Refugio libre

Zemlyankata (Землянката)

Zemlyankata Shelter. Just an underground room with no lights, electricity, or beds. Bring your own mats, light and warm clothes if you plan to spend the night there.


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