21,68 km

Desnivel positivo

976 m

Dificultade técnica


Desnivel negativo

976 m

Altitud máxima

1.412 m



Altitud mínima

443 m

Tipo de ruta



4 horas 40 minutos



Fecha de subida

25 de julio de 2015

Fecha de realización

julio 2015
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1.412 m
443 m
21,68 km

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preto de Trudovets, Софийска област (България)

A nice and shady dirt road through the forest. It has some steep parts that might require some pushing up or down, depending on your bike and skill, but all in all - a great round-trip track to do during the hot summer days. It is also accessible by motorbike or offroad car. It turns around on the summit above the mountain hut called Rudinata.

It starts off in the fields, and enters into the forest 10-20 minutes later depending on your pace. It can be quite hot in the fields in summer, so plan your start accordingly.

Stubelia (Стубеля)

You can refill with cold mountain spring water here.

Picnic area

A picnic area featuring shady benches and table. This is also the crossroads for various routes through the mountain. From here you could go to Pravetz, Etropole and other places. There are signs pointing to the various directions.

Summit (Билото)

You can enjoy a nice panoramic view from here. The mountain hut Rudinata is visible about 200 meters further down. The path to it is a bit steep and completely exposed to the sun, so although the ride down to it is less than 5 minutes, the climb back up can be quite hard when it is hot and sunny. Because of this, we decided to turn back without going the extra meters to the hut.

View (Гледка)

Just a random place on the path, where you could enjoy a good view on the surrounding hills while resting in the shade.


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