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preto de Ptochokomeío, West Greece (Greece)

Ride from Patra to monastery Agion Panton near Alepoxori and Spartia villages in fottsteps of mountain Erymanthos.

Starting from the city with Road 111 south to Asteri village, where just before the dam, left turn in direction to Alepoxori. This section is on much nicer smaller roads (sometimes not in the best shape but still perfectly doable with road bike and slick tires) next to the river and great nature. Traffic close to zero (which is nice change after Road 111).

In Kiparissi village, leaving the main road to Alepoxori, turn sharp right down to the river in direction to the monastery. Quick and short descent to the bridge (photo) and then pretty sharp climb to the monastery and a little more to meet the bigger road from Erymanthia village to Spartia, just above Velimaxi village.

Very fast and curvy descent to Erymatheia and then a bit more flat to Road 111 in Avrami.

Still descending with Road 111, over the dam and all the way back to Patras.


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