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preto de Tresnuraghes, Sardegna (Italia)

Loop tour which goes to the foot of the Marghine mountain range, going around the Monte di Sant'Antonio which is home to a large wood Oak and many beautiful megalithic complexes, among which the menhirs of Tamuli. The ride starts almost immediately climbing for about 25km, passing through the northern slopes of Oristano and southern Marghine, with a little break before the village of Scanu Montiferru. You'll get over the hump just before the village of San Leonardo where you take a long descent till the town of Borore. From the next town Birori it starts again to climb gradually to the other side of Monte di Sant'Antonio. A final long descent brings you back to Tresnuraghes.

Albergo Diffuso Villa Asfodeli
Piazza Giovanni XXIII, 4 - Tresnuraghes (OR)
+39 0785 315052

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