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preto de Bozhöyük, Antalya (Türkiye)

“Seren”,which functions as a kind of shelter for bees and known as the natural honeycombs at the local area, is made of stone and wood (juniper wood) and it is a 3-4 meters high oblong structure. The roof is made of wood and its drips are very high in order to prevent the wild animal, especially bears, from reachingthe roof. “Kara kovan”, which is put on the roof and which performs the main function of the structure, is made by carving the trunk of juniper tree. The outcrops on the wood, which is used for construction of “seren”, function as a ladder to climb up the roof.
The “serens”, most beautiful samples of civil architecture and seen in Teke region (Korkuteli, Kumluca, Finike and Beydağları area) apart from Küçük and Büyüksöğle villages of Elmalı, have been losing their importance day by day.

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