• Foto de Mt. Muroran
  • Foto de Mt. Muroran
  • Foto de Mt. Muroran
  • Foto de Mt. Muroran
  • Foto de Mt. Muroran

Tempo  7 horas 11 minutos

Coordenadas 723

Fecha de subida 3 de marzo de 2019

Fecha de realización marzo 2019

912 m
410 m
7,95 km

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preto de Hatchodaira, Hokkaido (Japan)

Backcountry ski day from Hakucho Hut (白鳥ヒュッテ) after spending the night there. The Hut is free and there's always a hutkepper that was very charming. Could fit 10 persons, has water and a coke stove that turn off at the sleep time.

Highly recommended to spend a day or two around the place looking the different lines for all type of taste. We went on beginning of March with spring snow. Because the warm day that we had the snow was incredible even to ski above the Bamboo.

More information about the Hut: https://hokkaidowilds.org/hut/hakucho-hutte
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Hakucho Hut (白鳥ヒュッテ)


Mt. Muroran (室蘭岳)


Mt. Muroran Trailhead


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