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preto de Kajimachi, Shizuoka (Japan)

Based on my trip on April 28, 2019.

Miyakoda Sogo (Athletic) Park is one of the most popular suburban athletic parks in Hamamatsu, 23.6 hectares in area. The park is best known by grass sledge slope and has two iconic bridges, Masuzawa Suspension Bridge and Hokuto Bridge.

On that day I took the bus to the park but if you live near Hamamatsu this Line 56 bus route can be easily traced through bikes. The Line 56 trail passes near Hamamatsu Castle Park, Yotsuike Park, Hamamatsu Air Park, and Tokinosumika Fruit Park.
(Note) : Bike entry is not allowed in this huge park.
Parada de tren

Hamamatsu Station

To get to Miyakoda Sogo Park, you have first to take the bus from Hamamatsu Bus Terminal located at the north side of the station. Before getting out from the station, I suggest you buy something for lunch. If you forget to buy some lunches there, you can still have the opportunity to have lunch at Cainz Mall near the park but it could be really crowded.

Entrance to Bus Terminal

Get out of North Exit and get into the escalator leading to the terminal.

Bus Terminal Entrance 2

Getting down with the escalator viewing the artificial waterfall.

Information Office

Be sure to visit the information office before getting on the bus. In the office, the staff will give you the small sheet of paper showing the right bus for your destination. The next thing you will do is the find the right gate.

Gate #13

Line #56 bus passing near Miyakoda Sogo Park departs from Gate #13. It runs only once an hour. So check the time table beforehand.

Maehara Bus Stop

It takes more than one hour to get to the closest bus station for Miyakoda Sogo Park, Maehara (前原) bus stop. From the bus stop it is about a five-minute walk to the park.

Miyakoda Sogo-koen Intersection

When you cross this intersection you will be the southeastern corner of the huge park.

Cainz Mall Miyakoda Techno

If you are coming to the park with children maybe it might be easier to get off at the next bus stop near the shopping mall. Near the Cainz shopping mall there are four small parks for children.

Hokuto Bridge

The bridge joining Cainz Hall mall and the Miyakoda Athletic (Sogo) Park.

Park Entrance Signage

At the southeastern corner of the park, there is a park entrance signage with one kanji letter each for the stone to show the name of the park, Miyakoda (都田)Sogo (総合)Koen (公園). As you can see from the photo, one blank stone is used for the each end.

A rest gazebo

Around this rest gazebo you can have the nice views of the eastern part of the huge park.

South Parking Space

South Parking Space is arguably the biggest parking space for park visitors. There are two more parking spaces: one is near the suspension bridge and the other is near the grass sledge slope.

Park Entrance from the parking space

For the starters I suggest you start from the south parking space. Because there are the small office for park visitors and you can get the map of the park there. It is also the start of the 1.6 kilometer jogging/walking course.
Punto de información

Start of the Walking/Jogging Course

Near the guide board for 1.6 kilometer jogging/walking course, there is an information booth. Be sure to get the brief map of the park. The park is so huge and you will be easily lost without it.

Si quieres, puedes o esta ruta