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preto de Kinkōchō, Kanagawa (Japan)

Mitsuzawa Park is one of the popular athletic parks in Yokohama. It is also one of the best places to view cherry blossoms and one of the places in Yokohama to view Mount Fuji. Much of the park area used to be the Buddhist temple grounds, Bugenji. During the second world war it was the site for the Gokoku Shrine, the local version of Yasukuni Shrine to mourn the war victims.

From Yokohama Station the park is easily accessible by bus. The bus for the park starts from Yokohama Station west exit bus terminal Gate #6 to #10. The bus stop is at the trunk road dissecting the park into two parts. The largest cherry blossom viewing area is located near the main track and field stadium. But you can find the shortcut trail between the tennis court and auxiliary track and field stadium. The trail leading to the cherry orchard also has the nicely branched cherry trees.
Parada de autobús

Yokohama West Exit Bus Terminal

First get out from the West Exit of the Yokohama Station and the bus terminal is located right near the exit. The buses departing from #6 to #10 stop near Mitsuzawa Park. That means you don't have to wait that long to catch the bus. I took #83 bus from Gate #8.
Parada de autobús

Mitsuzawa Sogo Ground-Iriguchi Bus Stop

The bus stop closest to Mitsuzawa Park is the fifth bus stop from Yokohama West Exit bus terminal. There is a small flowerbed nearby the bus stop.

Short cut to Cherry Orchard

After getting off from the bus go along the broad pathway seeing roses. Until you turn at the narrow road between tennis courts and auxiliary track and field stadium. Cherry blossoms alongside this trail is grand as well.

The entrance to the cherry-viewing plaza

From this waypoint you can see two uphill slope paths, take the clearer path with wooden log steps.

Cherry Orchard

This area during cherry blossom viewing season is really magnificent. It may not be as grand as more popular Mitsuike Park but it is still a great place for hanami picnics.

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