Tempo  3 horas 5 minutos

Coordenadas 8028

Fecha de subida 9 de julio de 2018

Fecha de realización junio 2018

89 m
-12 m
13,47 km

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preto de East Dean, England (United Kingdom)

Beautiful summer's day with around 26 degrees and actually not windy. Took the 13X bus from Brighton to Birling Gap and started off from there - over the Seven Sisters, through Cuckmere Valley (since you can't cross the river at the beach) and then over Seaford Head into Seaford.

Haven Brow

The most western and the highest of the Seven Sisters.

Cuckmere Inn

Since it's not possible to cross the River Cuckmere down at the beach (unless it's dried out), you have to go all the way up here to cross. This is also a common starting or ending point.

Cuckmere Haven, Coastguard station

On the way from the Cuckmere Inn to Seaford Head.

Seaford Head

Not as spectactular as the Seven Sisters, but a nice walk over to Seaford.


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