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preto de Retorta, Galicia (España)

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Manera alternativa de ruta alternativa. Desde San Romano hasta el puente romano, de allí al noroeste por doquier, a 15 kilómetros por una carretera sin marcar.

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  • Foto de Forest

    Forest 06-jun-2008

    Hi Pandoukht, cool track, just wanted to let you know that photos are not displayed. It happened to me too, you're Google photos are private and only you can see them. Probably you see the photos but no one else can.

    Looking forward to see pictures of this trail :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Foto de pandoukht

    pandoukht 09-jun-2008

    Thanks for letting me know. It looks like wikiloc doesn't transload images from picasa, and picasa doesn't allow direct linking of its images. I assume the links I used were session bound (I can't see them either, right now). I'll try to fix the issue in general, unfortunately I don't have the time to download all the images and upload them to wikiloc. Fixed this one track, though.

    Also, added a link to the blog for this track, if you click the page title, you'll get redirected to the related blog post. There's some more photos available to check out there as well.

    In case anyone wonders: This is an alternative camino track that starts at the last albergue of the primitivo and ends at the last one of the camino del norte / camino de la costa. Heads out towards west, on the 'via romana', and after the roman bridge it takes a northwest turn, to discover unsigned roads and dirt tracks for 15 kilometers. Then it follows old, abandoned camino sign to join the official camino del norte track just some 5 kilometers before sobrado.

    It avoids the paved roads of the unofficial detour via Friol. Also avoids joining the camino francés in Melide.

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