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Fecha de subida 29 de junio de 2017

Fecha de realización junio 2017

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preto de Alınca, Muğla (Türkiye)

Spoiler alers photos included.Dont forget to bring your binoculars.In alınca and while climbing down there are many stops you might peer into nature.There is a village called "Gey" in turkish.Couldnt get an explanation over where the name inherits.There are few intersections."Likya yolu(likia road)" naming should be clarified.It is almost everywhere and people tell different stories.There is not even a map.People are trashing bottles, water,yeni rakı(turkish traditional alcohol drink) even at the top of mountains.French family tells people destroys marks between faralya-butterfly valley.The path I tried two times but couldnt find to hike.This family knows it well as they hiked before several times.
catchy stop
catchy stop
goats invasion
cennet bay top view
wood ritual
goats valley
cennet bay
virgin bays
the end!


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