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preto de Hřensko, Ústecký (Czech Republic)

Because of good forecast we decided to do a two day trip in České Švýcarsko. It showed up that many people have the same idea as we had (: The part between Hřensko and Mezní Louka was really overcrowded but then we continued to Jetřichovice and that was far better. So if you choose places farther from Hřensko you can enjoy awesome views and nice landscape that this place provides to its visitors. I would definitely recommend buffet with garden seating in Jetřichovice where we finally managed to stay overnight although we originally wanted to reach Rynartice.

On the way we chose was so many restaurants/hotels/guesthouses that you probably don't have to take any extra food with you (maybe just for early breakfast) because almost in every village you can find some pub or small supermarket.

Parking: in Hřensko for free by the street (on the riverside), otherwise around 150 crowns/day. In villages for free of course.


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