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preto de Yukarıçağlan, Eskişehir (Türkiye)

This part of the trail takes you from Yukaricaglan Koyu to Karapazar via Supuren.
It's nice walking in a beautiful area. You'll walk along the path over the vast undulating plateau and discover moving dots and immobile white pebbles. The dots are sheep and the white pebbles shepherd dogs.
The dogs wear steel collars with long iron pins around their necks to protect them when they fight with wolves.
As the dogs can be quite aggressive, keep an eye out for the shepherd to make sure he'll keep you safe from the dogs.
It's advised to bring a strong stick with you and may need it from time to time to protect yourself from shepherd dogs that get too aggressive.

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I slept in the Cami, very cold but nice. It's a small village, but for me it was special because it was new for me and so different.
Supuren lays hidden into a fold of the landscape. The houses are raising shyly behind the slope. sit helpless and shaky against each other. In front of one mud house with roof of single-stained tiles stands a canopy. This seems rather cosy between the light gray concrete patio despite the poverty. The concrete trough for the cattle and the well are situated as islands in the mud. The village pump consists of a long trunk with a counterweight.
When I left Supuren Koyu after a nice visit at the Muhtars House I turned around and now it was a beautiful very friendly village. I was there for a short moment, but it felt so nice. Thank you Muhtar Gaban Baskaya!
Suddenly the path went through a marble quarry
When I arrive in Karapazar it’s rather cold. Muhtar Turgut Galişan is a very friendly and hos[ital man. He laughs heartily with his mouth open, where only three teeth holding heroic stand. Turgut takes me to his house. Inside lit the stove. The wife of Turgut makes panting dinner ready. We feast on the delicious food, rice soup, potato cubes in gravy, cucumber and tomato, and finally a desert of brown cotton candy in honey. Around eight hours it is dark and quiet in Karapazar. In the darkness I walk behind Muhtar between houses on a hill on a slippery path. For a home away Turgut. Although nobody is at home the stove is burning and it is cozy warm.
My friendly friend Turgut, the Muhtar from Karapazar


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