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preto de Karapazar, Eskişehir (Türkiye)

Please note that I didn’t walk the part from Karapazar to Sarayoren, due to incorrect track. So instead, I've created this part of the track by using Google Earth. It should be fine, but any comments or corrections are most welcome.
Taslikkoy is a dying town with crumbling rubble and a lonely dog. After the village there is an area of consolidation. Keep going until you arrive in the much nicer village of Ayvali.
From Seyitghazi runs a U-shaped drainage channel. [[<-??]]

Day 2: http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=11605219
Day 4: http://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=11609664
The Imam Ercan Gecer and the Muhtar of Sarayoren
Taslikkoyu is the next and a bit desolate village with some crumbling ruins and a lonely barking dog. There are still some inhabited houses. I didn’t meet anyone besides the dog.
A cosy village with a teahouse at the centrecourt. There is a Mosque and a small Municipal Station.
I was welcome in the teahouse. At the frontdoor there is a sticker from the Sufitrail
The mountain seems to protect the village of Ayvali when I was on my way to Seyitghazi
In Seyitghazi I met the Zabita Memoru Cegiz Sari. I showed him that I also was here in 2009 when I slept in the howe for elderley people. Now the Zabita brought me to a holidayresort, where I slept in a cabin.


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