Tempo  2 días 5 horas 37 minutos

Coordenadas 13189

Fecha de subida 24 de abril de 2018

Fecha de realización abril 2018

1.434 m
918 m
76,63 km

Vista 229 veces, descargada 3 veces

preto de Sabuncu, Kütahya (Türkiye)

Hiked by Irına and Kerem, 3 days. Irina could not cross the streams (there are 6 of them), and she ciyaked.

Overall: Great hiking route, a lot of diversity, no technical capabilities required, pretty flat, not good for winter, ideal in Spring. The route requires 3 days, so if you are searching for a weekend escape, I'd suggest another one; ie Yazılıkaya-Kümbet.

Waymarking: Pathetic. This route is not doable without GPS.

Transportation: Sabuncupinar has rail connections from Eskişehir, İzmir, Denizli. It has no bus links. Kırka has bus links; check https://www.facebook.com/kirkaseyahat/ for their timetable. Kamil Koç, Buzlu and İsmail Ayaz have Afyon-Eskişehir connections which pass through Kırka-Seyitgazi route, check their schedules.

Guidebook and printed map: Informative about a high-level description of the route, tough does not help finding the trail. Informative about villages with a shelter.

Water and other supplies: No market at any of the villages (expect a small one at Sabuncupinar, which may or not be open). Not a single village has a market or "tea house". Bring your own food for the entire hike. Springs are available in every village, and plenty on the route, some are set on this record.

This Record: We took a few misturns, so you'd better stick with the original track. On the other hand, we saved locations of many water resources along the trail, so may be handy for you.

Accomodation: Sabuncipinar has Frig Evi. Most villages have a basic "Village Room", with basic supplies, but no food. Refer to guide book for info about villages having this kind of shelters. Bring sleeping bags with adequate insulation. Wild camping not a problem, tough it was still below zero at late April while we hiked. No official camping areas.

"Kasap" Hüsamettin Bey and his wife offered us a great breakfast and their hospitality, and Bayram Bey and his son Ahmet from Dere Mahallesi showed us around. Thanks!

We stayed at Yumaklı's Village Room, which was a clean and lovely place. Thanks Yumaklı!

Başlangıç ​​zamanı: 04/21/2018 10:16

Varış zamanı: 04/23/2018 15:53

Mesafe: 76,6 km (53:37)

Hareket süresi: 47:32

Ortalama hız: 1,43 km/h

Ort. hareket hızı: 1,61 km/h

Maks. hız: 11,78km/h

Minimum rakım: 917 m

Maksimum rakım: 1434 m

Yükselme hızı: 156,7 m/h

Alçalma hızı: -136 m/h

İrtifa kazancı: 1517 m

İrtifa kaybı: -1400 m

Yükselme süresi: 09:41

Alçalma süresi: 10:18

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    But Irina wasn't the one who got wet feet. Or who stepped into cow dung.

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