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preto de Gari (Македонија)

Stogovo is mountain in western Macedonia, surrounded by many beautiful mountains. It's not so well known, but it doesn't mean that is not so nice for hiking. Indeed, it's very mild mountain, not so dificult (just in some parts), recomendable to all the hikers. In period may - november you don't need any additional gear except basic (ropes, ice-axe, crampons and etc. just in december - may period). This hiking is about 25 km long in which you climb 3 peaks (Golemi Rid, Kaneš and Babin Srt). Mountain is also famouse for sheepholds, dogs, bears and many more animals.

Babin Srt 2242m.

21-OCT-12 10:48:28


21-OCT-12 12:00:32


21-OCT-12 12:14:53

Golemi Rid 2273m.

21-OCT-12 9:10:22

Kaneš 2218m.

21-OCT-12 9:54:19

Penzionerski dom Gari

21-OCT-12 13:22:40


21-OCT-12 6:29:54


21-OCT-12 11:37:21

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  • Foto de Pijlmans

    Pijlmans 05-ago-2019

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle

    I walked this trail 7 years after it was uploaded and it is still actual. Although it is long and has quite some height difference, it was very well do-able. I started in Gari which adds some additional kilometers. Great scenery, but you have to be aware of the flocks of sheep that are protected by shepherds dogs!

  • MikiGoldig 14-sep-2019

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle

    Thanks for the tipp, to watch out for the shepard dogs. It helped to go around.

    The path up the hill to the pick is not really well singed, but I did follow a tipp from a local shepard (and didnt wanna use GPS). So end up using the same roads, as the sheep. The way down had to improvise a lot, but I also really enjoyed it. Not the safest way down to the road, but definitly more fun.

    I managed only the route from Gari to Babin Srt and back. It was more the enough for me this time around. Next year will try the whole route.

    Thanks a lot for the map, the pointers and the comment. It was a great help and motivation.

    Definitly 5 of 5, even with the dogs. :-)

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