Tempo  3 horas 21 minutos

Coordenadas 825

Fecha de subida 9 de octubre de 2009

Fecha de realización octubre 2009

389 m
4 m
8,85 km

Vista 9536 veces, descargada 262 veces

preto de Vulcano, Sicilia (Italia)

Hike starting from the dock on Vulcano island, going up to the main crater, and passing by the black sand beach (spiaggia sabbia nera) and the vulcanic mud baths (fanghi thermali) on the way back. Total length about 8.5 km, highest altitude about 390 meters. Access to the crater requires small fee. Hot and toxic gas (a.o. hydrogen sulfide) is blown from the fumaroles, so do not approach too closely and upwind! Spectacular view of still alive vulcano and panoramas of Aeolian islands.

Area with many fumaroles

On this side of the crater rim there are an extraordinary amount of fumaroles, ejecting steam and hydrogen sulfide, leaving sulphur in all kinds of yellow on the rocks.

Spiaggia Sabbia Nera

Spiaggia Sabbia Nera is a beach with black vulcanic sand.

Vulcanic Mud Bath

The 'Laghetto di Fanghi' is a small lake containing smelly vulcanic mud, supposedly healing a variety of diseases.


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