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preto de Üzümlü, Muğla (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

Take the Dolmus to Uzumlu from the Fethiye dolmusstation (waypoint on the map)
Start your walk on a part of the track where you like.
It's also possible to start in the old villagecenter of Uzumlu near the taverna, you will find there yellow signs on a pole to start this walk. The track is indicated by yellow/red yellow/white or red signs on the trees or stones belong the track. It look like it's not true but you must follow the gps track to enter Kadyanda from the backyard, you don't see a path anymore. The official entree of Kadyanda is not there but following the gps track you pass the ticket office. Please buy your ticket there. It's a small fee for restauration etc.
Of course you can walk in reverse order and will find the ticket office first.
Our walking time: 4h:45m:15s | 11.8 km

dolmusstation to kadyanda




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