Tempo  3 horas 21 minutos

Coordenadas 1088

Fecha de subida 2 de noviembre de 2009

Fecha de realización octubre 2009

1.064 m
295 m
12,69 km

Vista 5866 veces, descargada 129 veces

preto de Dolna Matka (Македонија)

Staying on trail is quite important because of the strong ascension out of the Matka canyon, and a serious challenge, since the trail is sometimes barely recognizable. Once you reached app. 800 meters altitude it's just a 10 km walk to the cross of Vodno. A great excursion.

3 comentarios

  • wvanesch 17-oct-2013

    I am planning to do this route in reverse (to decent) on a Mountain bike. Can you give me some details on the nature of the trail. Is is very rocky? Any specifics will do.

  • Molvizar 21-oct-2013

    It's an easy ride back until the real descend starts. Once there, it is rather foresty (mud mixed with rocks). Since the trail is gone in some places and I had to crawl over some fallen trees and grown bushes, I think it is doable if you don't mind getting off your bike. However, doable does not mean to me it is a nice mountain bike ride. From Vodno down I see a real challenging mountain bike track though. Alternatively, going down from Vodno towards the villages South from the mountain range looks nice, but I don't know the tracks there.

  • wvanesch 23-oct-2013

    Molvizar thank you very much for you response. It will be pioneering to get down the Treska river I hear you say. I don't mind to go off the beaten track. Looking forward to vist Skopje big time.

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