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preto de Bakraçlı, Van (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

This is the best way to the top of Mount Erek in Kurdistan, Turkey (3250 m) from August, 2015.

We chose this mountain due to PKK activity in Süphan and Small Ararat, but it was well worth it for a dayhike!
We took a taxi to the village Bakracli early morning and started the hike at around 6 due to the heat. The track goes above the trail for around 2 kms, since we took a wrong turn in the beginning. Otherwise it takes the easiest way to the top, following the riverbed as long as possible upwards, but coming down on the plain (you can go surfing on the little stones on your way down).
It is good if you have some gloves since there are some parts where you will have to go "four-feet" and the rocks and plants are quite stingy.
From the top of the mountain there is beautiful panorama, in good weather conditions you can both watch Süphan and the Ararat!


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