Tiempo en movimiento  unha hora 57 minutos

Tempo  2 horas 15 minutos

Coordenadas 1379

Fecha de subida 13 de mayo de 2018

Fecha de realización mayo 2018

1.155 m
942 m
7,89 km

Vista 285 veces, descargada 2 veces

preto de Mühye, Ankara (Türkiye)

This is an easy 8km hike where you will be quite alone. It makes a good alternative to the popular hike around lake Eymir nearby.
It is, however, not for those afraid of dogs. After 1 km you pass through the city's dog pound with hundreds of dogs, most of them fenced in. A lot of barking and curious dogs so either walk in a group or carry a stick... From there you enter a lonely creek where you follow a small stream and end up at a small waterfall. Nobody around, no dogs and no litter. Next phase is really easy because you are walking on the foundation of a new road. However, it seemed abandoned in May 2018. It leads you to to the top of the mountain from where you have a 360 degree view of the area. Next you go down a small green valley with fruit trees. When you cannot proceed any further go up the hill on the right through an apple orchard to reach the road. From there it is an easy but sometimes steep walk down hill to the point of departure


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