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preto de Portovenere, Liguria (Italia)

Heavily influenced/inspired by this trail: https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/monterosso-av5t-manarola-monterosso-20275030, made by La Vale, whom I wish I could buy a beer (or two); what a trooper!

I took La Vale's trail and started it in Reverse. Took a bus from La Spezia to Porto Venere, then started the hike by following the trail that starts at the bottom of the stairs leading to Castelo Doria (Sentiero 1). It's a nice view!

From then, I just following the trails as marked by La Vale's original trek, with few deviations. The trail is marked and well preserved, so there is no need to go outside of any of the main paths.

After a few hours, I arrived to Riomaggiore, only to find the path to Manarola closed. That's when I decided to go up into the mountain. You can see how I had to retrace my steps there for a bit, so you can go ahead and skip that).

Since this took place during winter, by 17:30 there was barely any light. I ran into a couple of wild boars while walking around the mountain (pretty scary to be honest), so be very careful if you intend to walk at night (I recommend splitting the trek in two-three days depending on your average speed).

I descended from the mountain into Comiglia at about 9-10pm. Found a place to sleep and called it a night.

The next day I walked for a few more hours, again with some modifications to La Vale's trail, until I made it to Levanto's station. From then I just took the train back to La Spezia (about 40 minutes).

If I could do it again, I would definitely skip most of the towns, only stopping perhaps in Monterosso. Up in the mountain there are some places to refill your water (and if you have a water purifier, you don't even need a drinking fountain), there are a couple of places to eat a warm meal (and you should probably carry your own food anyway). As a person that prefers the wilderness to the city, once I saw the first town I felt like I saw everything I needed. Going up to the mountain and down to the towns, then up again was just hell on my knees. I'll say that the views while walking in the cliffs or near the towns almost makes up for it.


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