Tiempo en movimiento  3 horas 52 minutos

Tempo  5 horas 24 minutos

Coordenadas 2262

Fecha de subida 20 de mayo de 2019

Fecha de realización mayo 2019

1.068 m
633 m
14,51 km

Vista 8 veces, descargada 1 veces

preto de Víkos, Epirus (Greece)

Vikos to Monodendri up the gorge. A walk for heroes.

Check with someone local before attempting this walk, if there has been heavy rain or there are thunderstorms forecast it may not be wise to try and complete. There is a 800m section where you must walk on the river bed and if the river is in spate and flowing fast it could be very dangerous.

The GPS signal is very poor in the valley and the map shows us crossing the river many times. In fact we stayed on the right hand side of the river for the whole walk and it is the GPS that wandered about.

We did not intend to do the whole walk but found it fairly easy going once we had started. The walk up from the valley to Monodendri was hard going, but probably similar to the way out in Vikos. Bars and restaurants at both ends. Try and book a taxi beforehand to get you back to the car.
River side
Frog heaven


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