Tiempo en movimiento  un dí 17 horas 15 minutos

Tempo  11 días 2 horas 58 minutos

Coordenadas 8636

Fecha de subida 17 de octubre de 2019

Fecha de realización octubre 2019

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1.158 m
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1.147,0 km

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preto de Fonte Ferrenha, Faro (Portugal)

We made this route in October 2019 all was passable. It is a mix off mostly off road tracks across Portugal with some on road sections inclusive. We travelled South to North but could be done either way. This route does include some difficult sections these being steep inclines and declines plus some technical driving over rocks or washout. River crossings were dry but could pose a problem after a lot of rain. I would advise to not travel alone as some is remote and tricky so best with at least two vehicles. Saying that the majority of the route is easy going and only some areas pose a challenge overall a beautiful and engaging drive!

Steep scrabbly climb


Space with a view.


The River.




Nice rest stop


Route fenced so had to look for another way. Just go to the most direct point.














Hectic when wet



10 comentarios

  • 4x4eurotours 02-nov-2019

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle

    We did about the last 120 miles of the route about two weeks after you completed it. lots of farm track's with some great climbs and fantastic scenery. Looking at going back in 2020 to complete the rest of the trail.

  • Foto de Jack Shepherd JK

    Jack Shepherd JK 02-nov-2019

    It's a long route and scerny and terrain changes often. Enjoy next time 👍

  • roysmyth 14-feb-2020

    Hope to follow your track later this year when visiting. How many days would you recommend Jack to cover it comfortably?

  • Foto de Jack Shepherd JK

    Jack Shepherd JK 25-feb-2020

    Great! Let me know how it goes 👍 I would say allow 10 days minimum unless you are a mile cruncher 😉

  • Foto de S.queme

    S.queme 03-ago-2020

    If you can do only 30% of the track which part would you choose?!
    Thank you.

  • Foto de Jack Shepherd JK

    Jack Shepherd JK 03-ago-2020

    I would say the Southern section East to West or opposite way.

  • Foto de Anton-LC

    Anton-LC 31-ago-2020

    Hi, where abouts are the technical sections (north v south) will be solo without a winch. Cheers!

  • Foto de jackcole86

    jackcole86 11-sep-2020

    He realizado esta ruta  verificado  ver detalle

    Have just completed this trail, from end to end.

    Its a great drive, I've never done portugal and I feel this is a fantastic way to fo it first time. As for campimg etc, its not to hard to find places/sites to camp at. I live camped every night.

    There's a fair bit of road driving involved, taking you through some very rural villages that can be very tight too.

    In total this took me 4days, I drive very hard and for 8hours a day. I advise at least minimum of 6.

    Driven solo, just me and my Y61 patrol with zero issues. Although 1 or 2 parts would be ideal to have another vehicle.

  • Agostinho Gomes 15-oct-2020

    Obrigado pela partilha do track!

  • Foto de mamgo77

    mamgo77 24-nov-2020

    Estou ansioso por fazer... a parte sul conheço de ponta a ponta, mas junto a Espanha agrada-me... vou tentar assim que acabe o confinamento!

Si quieres, puedes o esta ruta