'Rainbow Hiker' Patrick Vijay D'Silva

'Rainbow Hiker' Patrick Vijay D'Silva

Some people stare at mountains…some climb them. Yet others dare to cross mountains.
I fall under the first and last category.

When I feel poetically inclined, I admire the grandeur of the peaks, and when I feel the adrenalin kicking in, I dare to cross these giants.
My adventures are not aimed at selfies or to prove testimonies to my mojo, they are, indeed, a manifestation of an attitude that, probably, we all must apply while taking on the hurdles of everyday life.

"The great thing about reaching the top of the mountain is realizing that there's space for more than one person. And you're now in the prime position to help others up."

Started as a pure Amateur hiker, started Hiking since December 2018.
I have been Lucky and fortunate to meet some of the Ace Hikers of the region who supported me through my Hiking journey. Most of these trails are not mine own planned, I have hiked with these amazing Hiker Leaders and in the process recorded the Trails.
Then I learnt to plan trails and make my own hikes.

Hiked few Beginner trails by acquainting with Free groups.
Grew into the passion of Hiking over time and managed to join few like minded groups and hike many mountains in UAE and Oman.

Summitted Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) within a year of getting into Hiking.

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